The Ultimate Sophisticated Bachelor Party Goodie Bag

Corporate Gift Concierge creates the ultimate Bachelor Party Goodie Bag.   Imagine being whisked away for a ski trip with the entire bachelor party. You open the door to your fab hotel room to be greeted by an extraordinary gift from the groom. For each of the 20 attendees,  the Bachelor Party Goodie Bag is a Patagonia Back Pack with an embroidered logo created just for occasion. But this is not just a back pack.   Sitting on the top are very cool Smith Optic Ski Goggles, folded next to the goggles is a warm ski jacket in the appropriate size with a zipper pull designed with the event logo. Rolled up beneath the coat is a fine Patagonia Ski Top with embroidered logo and knit ski beanie with logo. Embroidered swim trunks for hot tub action, ski socks and water bottle anchor the sides of the package. A favorite bottle of Guinness Beer inside a personalized beer coozie and each pocket and slot of the back pack holds still yet another treasure; a favorite bottle of Gatorade stuffed inside with coordinating tissue, packets of Emergen C, lip balm, Starbucks gift cards, sunblock and sleeves of imprinted colored M&Ms with a personalized imprint finish the gift. The zippers on the pack are each tagged with a message like, “pull here in case of Emergen C!” All of this is tied up in glistening cellophane and tied up with personalized ribbon all coordinated in the colors of the logo and themed for the event. No doubt the ski weekend will be memorable and the giving of such a special luxury gift for the attendees enhances a very special occasion for a lucky group of guys. Just perfect for a Rooftop Rescue!

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