NEW custom corporate gift concierge service!

Making things look good has been a part of every job I have ever had. Whether it was the merchandise on the selling floor of a major department store, the bottom line of a gross margin sheet, the models about to step out on a runway, the wedding photo album, the reports and paperwork in an office of finance, dressing up a table of gifts, or selecting the best merchandise from a “sea of possibilities”, making things look good has always been important to me.  And now I find myself in a position to help make many busy executives, support staff, event planners and others look good by accommodating their needs with a custom corporate gift concierge service.   Given the task of producing gifts for company events and projects, some people cringe, not sure of where to start and what to do; that is where I can help!   My experience has prepared me to assist in every aspect of giving and make my clients “look good”!  And, that… makes us all “feel good “!

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